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This is Singapore

9789811123894by Kim Inglish | photography by Jacob Termansen
ISBN 9789811123894
297 x 210mm
Hardback with Jacket; 128 pages
Pub Date: April 2016

As Singapore is constantly reinventing itself, this book is a timely publication. After all, anything on contemporary Singapore that doesn’t include the Marina Bay Sands’ iconic towers, Gardens by the Bay and the new Business District extension is hopelessly out of date. Yet, this book is much more than a round-up of Singapore’s new urban

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Singapore Good Class Bungalow 1819 – 2015

9789810924836_211pxby Robert Powell | photography by Albert Lim KS
ISBN 9789810924836
280 x 260mm
Hardback with Jacket; 216 pages
Pub Date: September 2016

This book is an illustrated history of Singapore viewed from the verandas of a cornucopia of personalities including East India Company employees, revolutionaries, politicians, plantation owners, governors, entrepreneurs, towkays, diplomats, colonial civil servants, architects, as well as a plethora of ordinary people. It is also a partial history of the architectural profession ... ...

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IN SEARCH OF BAWA: Master Architect of Sri Lanka

9789810999728_211pxby David Robson | photography by Sebastian Posingis

ISBN 9789810999728
234 x 210mm
Hardback; 144 pages
Pub Date: August 2016

This book answers some important questions about Geoffrey Bawa, Sri Lanka’s pre-eminent architect, and his legacy. A sizeable introduction to Bawa’s world, life, education and work is reviewed by eminent Bawa scholar, David Robson. This precedes a site-by-site tour of 45 of his buildings scattered throughout Sri Lanka. Many are considered “pilgrimage sites” by up-and-coming architects ... ...

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The Singapore House & Residential Life 1819 – 1939

9789810967307_211pxby Norman Edwards
ISBN 9789810967307
280 x 195mm
Hardback with Jacket; 208 pages
Pub Date: September 2016

The Singapore House is not just a building; it is a cultural phenomenon. Culture means ordinary everyday values‹attitudes, beliefs, ideas and heritage. These apply to the cultural landscape of which the house forms a part and is particularly applicable to a fast-growing metropolis like Singapore that has changed immeasurably in recent years.
This newly presented edition of The Singapore House & Residential Life 1819­–1939 addresses the houses unique nature in the context of its colonial past. Architecture, the house plan, landscape, societal norms, recreation and more are presented in a book where the past resonates on every page ... ...

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New Thai Style

9781780678337_211pxPhotography by Michael Freeman | text by Kim Inglis
ISBN 9781780678337
280 x 260 mm
Hardback with Jacket; 192 pages
Pub Date: March 2016
A Talisman Book for Laurence King

Thai Style is known the world over for its graceful pavilion-style architecture, its elegant interior design approaches, and its ability to combine cultural traditions with craftsmanship. What is not so well known is how these forms have been updated in the last decade or so ... ...

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