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Black and White – The Singapore House 1898-1941 ~ UPDATED

9789810903282_211pxby Julian Davison | photography by Luca Invernizzi Tettoni
ISBN 9789810903282
285 x 240mm
Hardback with Jacket; 176 pages
Pub Date: Sept 2014
Price: S$55.00 (excl. GST)

The unique Black and White house in Singapore is the most distinctive and imposing of the island’s colonial architectural legacy. Surviving examples are testament to their physical and aesthetic durability. In this updated edition, an additional chapter on residential life in these extraordinary homes adds ... ...

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Singapore Shophouse

SgShophouse_211pxby Julian Davison | photography by Luca Invernizzi Tettoni
Co-edition with the National Archives of Singapore

ISBN 9789810597160
Hardback 208 pages
Pub Date: Oct 2010
Price: S$60.00 (excl. GST)

The Singapore Shophouse is a fully researched and newly photographed celebration of a architectural style, still extant but sadly neglected over the years as Singapore has grown and become highrised ... ...

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Reporter: Forty Years Covering Asia

9789810873646_211pxby John McBeth
ISBN 9789810873646
Hardback; 400 pages
235 x 150mm
Pub Date: Jan 2011
Price: S$42.00 (excl. GST)

Reporter is an account of John McBeth's 40-year journey through Asia,more than half of that time as a correspondent for the Far Eastern Economic Review, the venerable magazine long regarded as the region's English language Bible on political and economic affairs. While necessarily a memoir, the book is more a reflection of the lives of a small group of foreign journalists ...

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A Perennial Feast – Food, Flavours, Restaurants & Recipes

9789810733520_211pxby Kim Inglis | photography by Jacob Termansen
ISBN 9789810733520
Hardback with Jacket; 176 pages
480 colour illustrations
Pub Date: December 2012
Price: S$46.68 (excl. GST)

A showcase of culinary excellence at the YTL group of hotels and resorts, this book is much more than a restaurant review or a recipe collection. Delving into the culture of a variety of cuisines, stretching from Malaysia and Southeast Asia into China, Japan and Europe, it takes readers on a gastronomic journey ...

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Singapore – Little Red Book

9789810814687Photography by Luca Invernizzi Tettoni
ISBN 9789810814687
Paperback Flexi Bind; 160 pages
Pub Date: Sep 2009
Price: S$9.95 (excl. GST)

Singapore is a microcosm of the many and varying cultures found in Asia. Everywhere you look you see a different face, another style of dress, a different building style: it’s a layered country, full of contradiction, yet homogenised. Like the country this new book showcases these particularly Singaporean sights: the contrasts and contradictions as well as the parallels. In a way no other book has achieved ...

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