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A Perennial Feast by YTL Hotels


YTL Hotels, in remaining true to its philosophy of crafting inspired experiences, unveiled it’s much anticipated coffee table book, A Perennial Feast, at Starhill Culinary Studio, Starhill Gallery, Kuala Lumpur.

Written by Kim Inglis and published by Talisman Publishing, A Perennial Feast delves into a variety of cuisines and cultures from Malaysia and Southeast Asia into China, Japan and Europe, while featuring some of the world’s finest resorts and luxurious destinations from YTL Hotels.

Beginning in Malaysia, the heart and home of of YTL group, this book showcases both island resorts and city heritage hotels and restaurants, all the while giving an overview of Malay cuisine. Recipes of traditional Malay fare are combined with some East meets West fusion food and some innovative seafood dishes. The book then branches further afield into a snowy landscapes of Hokkaido and the cityscape of modern Shanghai, exploring both recipes and cuisines from Japan and China.Sections on England, Bali, Thailand and France follow – all showcasing iconic properties in stunning full color photography by Danish photographer, Jacob Termansen.



A Perennial Feast. The beautiful cover features Cameron Highland tea plantation as backdrop.

Yeoh_KimDato’ Yeoh Soo Min and Kim Inglis.

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