Encyclopedia of Singapore

Encyclopedia of Singapore

by Justin Corfield
ISBN 9789810556679
Hardback; 288 pages
Pub Date: Aug 2006
Price: S$45.00 (excl. GST)

Encyclopedia of Singapore is a groundbreaking work of academic and educational endeavour from two authors with longstanding ties and interest in the irresistible rise of the Singapore as a major global economic player and model for many developing countries.
Providing a coherent and comprehensive reference source the Encyclopedia of Singapore provides an essential history of people, places and events from the island’s founding by Raffles and the East India Company till the present day.

The Encyclopedia focuses on the period since independence and includes entries on past and present political and administrative leaders, economic pioneers and planners as well as significant contributors to its burgeoning and vibrant cultural and educational scene. Entries are arranged alphabetically and comprehensively cross-referenced to include all major historical events, institutions and places. A brief chronology and introductory essay is included to place events in their historical context and a useful bibliography for further reading provided.

– Single volume, easy to use reference organized alphabetically
– Essential reference source for schools, colleges, businesses and administration
– Useful introduction to history of Singapore and South East Asia
– Printed in paper approved for Printed Library Materials

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