India: Living in an Ornate World

India: Living in an Ornate World

by James Wellings
ISBN 9789810913540
280 x 230mm
Hardback; 158 pages
Pub Date: Aug 2014

India, Living in an Ornate World explores as to why India is so rich in colour and ornamentation and why it has such a diversity of culture and architecture. There is still a large part of the population who prefer to continue living their traditional life in old-world settings. Their buildings reflect their long artistic and creative history. This can be seen in all levels of society. A modest dwelling in India can give as much an indication of this as can a palace. The lives of people in streets tend to be lived in public. The street is the extension of the house. A large part of this life is carried out on the streets and is often shared with many different animals due to the Hindu love of them. The photographs in this book aimed to catch many of these scenes.

The Author & Photographer:
At the age of 49 James Wellings retired from stock exchange fund management and swapped his obsession with the FTSE 100 for travel and photography. He has now visited 75 countries and found nothing to rival India for colour and cultural complexity. James had an exhibition “Colours of India” in 2008 at the Piers Feetham Gallery in Fulham and after several more visits to India has gathered more photographs to add to his collection for this book.

The Book was featured in the Bangkok Post, click to view the article.

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