Tax Planning Singapore (5th edition)

Tax Planning Singapore (5th edition)

by K. C. Lau
ISBN 9789810713010
Paperback; 118 pages
Pub Date: Apr 2012
Price: S$25.00 (excl. GST)

** Out of Print – New Edition Available **

Tax Planning Singapore: A practical Guide is of particular relevance to students of accountancy and to individual and corporate taxpayers. Clearly and concisely written, it explains the broad principles of tax planning and how to structure tax returns to reap the maximum concessions granted by the tax authorities. Now into its fifth edition, this book is the latest in the market, incorporating all the budget and off budget proposals announced in February 2011 as well as having a new chapter on goods and services tax: Subjects covered include:, Tax deductions, Capital allowances, Double taxation agreements, Overseas investments and income, Tax shelters, Tax havens, Property tax, Goods and services tax Definitely a must read for anyone needing an overview of Singapore’s tax structure.


New Edition:

Tax Planning (6th Edition)

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