The Other Side of the Mountain

The Other Side of the Mountain

by Leon Lui
ISBN 9789811857249
225X 150 mm
Hardback with jacket; 288 pages
Pub Date: December 2022

Part memoir, part family history and all humorous travel anecdotes, THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN is one man’s recollection of the long and short journeys in his life.

Driven by his internal global positioning system, Leon Lui has always been game to go anywhere in the world, especially if it is on the other side of the mountain.

Leon’s passports are his pride and joy – every stamp tells a story or an adventure. With wit, forthrightness and a dauntless spirit, he navigates pitfalls and unexpected situations at airports and train stations, on aeroplanes and at destinations. Be it making a dash worthy of the Olympics up a plane in Nigeria with hundreds of locals following closely behind; confronting a dish of wheat worms offered by a client in China; discovering the invasion that his prized mud crabs had mounted on a baggage carousel in Singapore; escaping from Afghanistan by a hair’s breadth; or standing within point blank range of bank robbers in America, he sees the lighter side of travel and life.

Take a trip around the world with The Other Side of the Mountain and share in Leon’s laughter and astonishment along the way. His bagful of stories will awaken the travel instinct in you.

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