The Singapore House & Residential Life 1819 – 1939

The Singapore House & Residential Life 1819 – 1939

by Norman Edwards
ISBN 9789810967307
280 x 195mm
Hardback with Jacket; 208 pages
Pub Date: September 2016

The Singapore House is not just a building; it is a cultural phenomenon. Culture means ordinary everyday values‹attitudes, beliefs, ideas and heritage. These apply to the cultural landscape of which the house forms a part and is particularly applicable to a fast-growing metropolis like Singapore that has changed immeasurably in recent years.

This newly presented edition of The Singapore House & Residential Life 1819­–1939 addresses the houses unique nature in the context of its colonial past. Architecture, the house plan, landscape, societal norms, recreation and more are presented in a book where the past resonates on every page. Dr Norman Edwards texts provide an invaluable introduction to the history of architecture in the city-state.

The author, formerly an Associate Professor of Architecture at the National University of Singapore, is currently in practice in London.


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