The Strange Cases of Magistrate Pao – Chinese Tales of Crime and Detection

The Strange Cases of Magistrate Pao – Chinese Tales of Crime and Detection

by Leon Comber
ISBN 9789810845674
Paperback; 122 pages
Pub Date: Jan 2010
Price: S$14.90 (excl. GST)

The Strange Cases of Magistrate Pao is an engrossing collection of six of Magistrate Pao’s cases. They are traditional Chinese detective stories in the tradition of the ‘Judge Dee’ stories of the late Robert van Gulik, who was a friend of author Leon Comber. Through them you are led into the fascinating world of old China. Imagine yourself sitting in an expectant crowd around a storyteller in a public market, which used to happen, too, in past times in Singapore and Malaysia before the days of television. It is dusk, the storyteller is reading from an old book he has in his hand by the light of a flickering hurricane lamp.

Key selling points of book:
– Classic stories of Chinese great literacy crime figures.
– First new impression for over 20 years with new design and layout.
– Introduces Magistrate Pao to a new 21st Century audience.
– Good value paperback edition with flaps.

The Author
Leon F Comber born in London, worked for many years in the Special Branch of the Malayan Police from 1945 and including the Malayan Emergency. A renowned publisher, editor and author he is currently Research Fellow (Adjunct), Monash Asia Institute, Monash University, Melbourne specialising in Asian studies ranging from history, security intelligence, political science, languages, literature, and publishing.

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