Through the Bamboo Window – Chinese Life & Culture in 1950s Malaya & Singapore

Through the Bamboo Window – Chinese Life & Culture in 1950s Malaya & Singapore

by Leon Comber
Co-published in association with the Singapore Heritage Society

ISBN 9789810814663
Paperback; 296 pages
Pub Date: Apr 2009
Price: S$28.00 (excl. GST)

This volume collects together and reprints four classic books written in the 1950s by Dr Leon Comber: Chinese Ancestral Worship; Chinese Festivals in Malaya (with Dorothy Lo); Chinese Magic & Superstition in Malaya; and Chinese Temples in Singapore. These books on Chinese life and customs were reprinted many times but have long been out of print. Written for the layperson, the style is simple and unpretentious, yet Comber’s meticulously presents a veritable cornucopia of a culture still relevant and present in modern Southeast Asia Completely reset and attractively designed this new publication addresses the rich heritage of the overseas Chinese community’s roots and practices, and for those reading about or visiting Southeast will find it a ready source of information and knowledge of ancient and classic Chinese culture in all its glory.

Key selling points
– Captures the historical flavour of an overseas Chinese community and cultural heritage still relevant today.
– Illustrated with many rare and original illustrations and photographs by the author
– Many temples and landmarks featured in the book have already been demolished and there are no comparative accounts
– Will appeal to historians, archivists, libraries and students and travellers to Southeast Asia.

The Author
Leon F Comber born in London, worked for many years in the Special Branch of the Malayan Police from 1945 and including the Malayan Emergency. A renowned publisher, editor and author he is currently Research Fellow (Adjunct), Monash Asia Institute, Monash University, Melbourne specialising in Asian studies ranging from history, security intelligence, political science, languages, literature, and publishing.

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