A Perennial Feast – Food, Flavours, Restaurants & Recipes

A Perennial Feast – Food, Flavours, Restaurants & Recipes

by Kim Inglis | photography by Jacob Termansen
ISBN 9789810733520
Hardback with Jacket; 176 pages
480 colour illustrations
Pub Date: December 2012
Price: S$46.68 (excl. GST)

A showcase of culinary excellence at the YTL group of hotels and resorts, this book is much more than a restaurant review or a recipe collection. Delving into the culture of a variety of cuisines, stretching from Malaysia and Southeast Asia into China, Japan and Europe, it takes readers on a gastronomic journey.

Beginning in Malaysia, the heart and home of the YTL group, it showcases both island resorts and city heritage hotels and restaurants, all the while giving an overview of Malay cuisine. Recipes for traditional Malay fare are combined with some East meets West fusion food and some innovative seafood dishes.

The book has won the Gourmand World Cookbook Award 2014 for Malaysia in the following categories: Entertaining, Photography, Corporate Book. More information of the award here

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