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A Glimpse of Good Class Bungalow — the biggest and the rarest houses here

September 19, 2016 All BooksNews & Announcement

With the rapid urbanisation of Singapore and doubling of its population over the last 30 years, are Good Class Bungalows here to stay?

Straits Times reviews Singapore Good Class Bungalow 1819-2015,
available now.

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Disappearing Bawa | The Sunday Times Sri Lanka

September 13, 2016 All BooksNews & Announcement

Our new release, In Search of BAWA was featured in The Sunday Times Sri Lanka.

"A new book by David Robson and Sebastian Posingis reveals that Sri Lanka is in danger of losing a rich architectural heritage."

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The book is now available.




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Singapore Good Class Bungalow Book Launch

September 8, 2016 Book LaunchNews & Announcement

Thank you to all who attended the launch of Singapore Good Class Bungalow.

And special thanks to Space Furniture Asia Hub for providing the showroom.

It was a successful book launch and good social gathering among architects!


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New Thai Style featured in Telegraph

April 28, 2016 News & Announcement

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Cambridge: The Watercolour Sketchbook looks at the city through the eyes of artist Graham Byfield

November 25, 2015 All BooksBook LaunchNews & Announcement

Our new release, Cambridge: The Watercolour Sketchbook was featured in Cambridge News

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