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Talisman Publishing is an established international brand when it comes to producing world-class, high-quality books. We offer an experienced team of designers and editors that together has produced many corporate and lifestyle materials. Our works have been featured internationally through various media avenues with rave reviews from clients themselves. With international authors, photographers, designers and editors within our editorial team, your books are guaranteed to receive our highest level of professionalism.

Talisman Publishing can sell your book throughout the world through our partner company, APD Singapore. Our distribution coverage across ASEAN, South East Asia, the UK and the US will give your book the exposure it deserves locally, regionally and internationally through its well established network of trade partners and co-publishers.

Why make a customized corporate book?

– to showcase your products and services – to strengthen brand authority and awareness – to reinforce your customers’ purchasing decisions
– to attract new customers
– to reinforce customer brand loyalty
– to sell more core products
– to celebrate an anniversary or event
– for use as a corporate gift

Book Development Process

The process accentuates the reality of book development – a lot of real work is done before the writing begins.

You decide on:
1. Your book’s direction and scope.
2. Your target audience – this is your ideal readers; what they want and need to know .
3. The fundamentals – what is essential to your book that you can take for granted.
4. Book architecture – the order to present your information so readers can grasp your points easier, and avoiding subjects, concepts and techniques which you have not yet explored.

From our book development experience, the more effort spent on construction and planning for the book, the simpler the second stage becomes. Writing with a clearly defined framework will save you a lot of time and false starts.


With your business brand tailored to perfection in print, your customized book becomes an effective branding tool reaching out to prospective customers through the new avenues such as:

– retail shops, bookstores, airport shops and online bookstores
– book reviews in magazines and newspapers
– libraries
– book launches
– social media
– Talisman’s and APD Singapore’s websites
– Aggregators and major online (e-commerce) distribution chains all over the world

Now that we’ve got you excited over the benefits custom publishing can offer, we’d like to invite you to an appointment for a discussion. Contact us at to find out more about custom publishing with us.