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Enchanted Forest Hutan Pesona Inky (malay edition) ~ An Inky Quest & Colouring Book

9789810958497_211pxby Johanna Basford
ISBN 9789810958497
250 x 250mm
Paperback with Jacket; 92 pages
Pub Date: September 2015

This stunning colouring book by Johanna Basford now available in Bahasa Melayu for the first time, takes readers on a inky quest through an enchanted forest. As well as drawings to complete, colour and embellish, there are hidden objects to be found along the way ... ...

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Secret Garden Taman Rahsia Inky (malay edition) ~ An Inky Treasure Hunt & Colouring Book

9789810958480_211pxby Johanna Basford
ISBN 9789810958480
250 x 250mm
Paperback with Jacket; 96 pages
Pub Date: September 2015

Tumble down the rabbit hole and find yourself in an inky black-and-white wonderland.
This interactive activity book now available in Bahasa Melayu for the first time, takes you on a ramble through a secret garden created ... ...

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SKETCHBOOK – Composition Studies for Film

9781780675961by Hans P. Bacher
ISBN 9781780675961
215 X 280 mm (Landscape)
Paperback with Flaps; 112 pages
Pub Date: February 2015
A Talisman Book for Laurence King

Featuring hundreds of carefully hand crafted illustrations by the internationally renown production designer Hans Bacher, Sketchbook - Composition Studies for Film is a unique journey through the mind and creative process ...

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What Not to Write “new & updated” – The guide to the dos and don’ts of good English

9789810761394_211pxby Kay Sayce
ISBN 9789810761394
Hardback; 136 pages
Pub Date: Jul 2013
Printed Book Price: S$12.90 (excl. GST)

eISBN Reflowable Format: 9789810719180
eISBN Fixed Format: 9789810773656
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This is a pocket-sized, information-packed and entertaining guide that has been compiled on the basis of long experience in helping people produce documents written in good English, with the underlying message that simple English is the best English. "What not to Write" deals with all those awkward issues - acronyms, ambiguity, American-English ...

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