Asian Favourite Stories – Singapore

July 9, 2013 All BooksAsian Writing

by Leon Comber
ISBN 9789810869557
Paperback; 48 pages
Pub Date: Sep 2011
Price: S$12.90 (excl. GST)

Each book in this series is based on folk tales and legends from Asia, especially Southeast Asia and the stories have been specially written for children aged 8 to 12. The vocabulary and sentence structures have been kept simple so that the stories can be enjoyed without too much help, and a Glossary is included in every book giving explanations of the more difficult words. With attractive colour illustrations accompanying the stories, the Asian Favourite Stories Series aims to encourage children to read stories with a familiar background for their enjoyment and pleasure.

The Author
Leon F Comber born in London, worked for many years in the Special Branch of the Malayan Police from 1945 and including the Malayan Emergency. A renowned publisher, editor and author he is currently Research Fellow (Adjunct), Monash Asia Institute, Monash University, Melbourne specialising in Asian studies ranging from history, security intelligence, political science, languages, literature, and publishing.