The Romance of the Grand Tour ~ 100 years of Travel in South East Asia

9789810796044by Kennie Ting
ISBN 9789810796044
280 x 242mm
Hardback quarter bound; 208 pages
Pub Date: April 2015

Retracing the steps of the grand tourists from the turn of the 20th century, this book captures the living heritage of 12 exotic locations. Each chapter focuses on a different port of call ... ...

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The Romance of the Grand Tour: Travel Journal

9789810942571_160pxISBN 9789810942571
165 x 125 mm
Hardback; 128 pages
Pub Date: April 2015

This travel journal has been produced for tourists travelling to South East Asia and Hong Kong. Inspired by the publication of The Romance of the Grand Tour: 100 years of Travel in South East Asia, the journal can be used to record colourful journeys “east of Suez”. Write about your visits ... ...

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India – Living in an Ornate World

9780992951108_211pxby James Wellings
ISBN 9789810913540
280 x 230mm
Hardback; 158 pages
Pub Date: Aug 2014

India, Living in an Ornate World explores as to why India is so rich in colour and ornamentation and why it has such a diversity of culture and architecture. There is still a large part of the population who prefer to continue living their traditional life in old-world settings. Their buildings reflect their long artistic and creative history. This can be seen in all levels of ... ...

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A Perennial Feast – Food, Flavours, Restaurants & Recipes

9789810733520_211pxby Kim Inglis | photography by Jacob Termansen
ISBN 9789810733520
Hardback with Jacket; 176 pages
480 colour illustrations
Pub Date: December 2012
Price: S$46.68 (excl. GST)

A showcase of culinary excellence at the YTL group of hotels and resorts, this book is much more than a restaurant review or a recipe collection. Delving into the culture of a variety of cuisines, stretching from Malaysia and Southeast Asia into China, Japan and Europe, it takes readers on a gastronomic journey ...

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9810471696_211pxby William Warren
ISBN 9789810471699
Paperback; 160 pages
Pub Date: 2002
Price: S$24.22 (excl. GST)

This informal portrait of Bangkok includes a discursive overview of its history, Thailand's capital since 1782. The discussion of the role of the monarchy, the diverse architecture, foreign perspectives, and population and economic trends are all enriched by inset photos, anecdotes, and personal remininscences. The author has lived in Bangkok for 50 years ...

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